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Tips On Holding Space
Holding space is a skill that takes time and hence you have to be patient for you to learn the art. This can be defined to as the process that is taken to be there for other people when they are going through a situation. It can also be a state of being there when others need you emotionally without influencing the outcome. This skill requires you to practice the act of deep listening so that you can be there for other people emotionally. this skill also requires you to be emotionally intelligent so that you cannot be consumed by other peoples feelings and emotions. This calls you to act as a therapist. Holding space requires you to be objective rather than being objective. In this case, you don’t give your judgement.

there are some guidelines that should help you hold space for others. You must allow your partner to express freely with your permission. This should be done without fearing to be judged or loss of privacy of the things the clients says. Validate the other persons feelings and emotions. Avoid reactions that could suggest judgement. Avoid questions and comments. You must wait until you have a break or at the end of the conversation. This will create you time to think of what of what to say. Make sure that you don’t attempt to offer a solution to the problems because you will seem subjective. If you feel like you want to give a solution about the matter, you can save it for another day. Avoid accepting the matter or disagreeing with it. You must always trust that the client or the companion that he or she has the skills to navigate about the situation and when they need the help, they will come to you.

Below are some other tips that should help you out when holding space. You must have love and kindness. Avoid being aggressive at anytime. This gives the clients space to think around the matter. In such an environment, that client will have space to think and find solutions.

Ensure that you listen deeply. Practicing deep listening includes understanding what the other person is going through. This way, you will have a heart to heart conversation. In this case, a client can open up without leaving other matters.

When you are holding space, you must ensure that you breath. Checking in with your breath will give you the chance to remain grounded. When you breath, you become aware of your feelings and hence, you can deal with other people’s emotions. This will create a space where you lose all you arrogance and for this reason, you will be able to connect with the other person and listen to what they have to say.

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